CBSE Class 12 Political Science Exam 2020: Paper Analysis, Review & Students’ Reaction – Video Live Now

CBSE Class 12 Political Science Exam 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the Class 12 Political Science paper today, March 06, at various examination centres across the country. Political Science is an important subject for class 12 students of arts stream. We are providing here the paper analysis and review about today’s exam. We are also sharing here the feedback provided by the class 12 students about the difficulty level of their Political Science paper. A team from Jagran Josh collected the student feedback about their today’s paper. Watch live video here to know the students’ reaction and review.

You can also check the original question paper of today’s CBSE Class 12 Political Science Exam, from the link provided below:

Pattern of CBSE Class 12 Political Science Paper 2020

CBSE Class 12 Political Science Paper 2020 consisted of 34 questions. All these questions were arranged in different formats as follows:

Questions Marks per Question Total Marks
Q. No. 1-20 1 mark 20 marks
Q. No. 21-23 2 marks 6 marks
Q. No. 24-27 4 marks 16 marks
Q. No. 28-30 5 marks 15 marks
Q. No. 31 5 marks 5 marks
Q. No. 32-34 6 marks 18 marks
Total 80 marks

What was students’ reaction about today’s CBSE Class 12 Political Science Paper 2020?

Most of the CBSE Class 12 students found the paper easy and said the questions were entirely from NCERT. However, some students complained the paper to a little lengthy. Some of the main responses by students are mentioned below:

Difficulty level of paper: Most of the students said paper was easy.

Pattern of question paper: Pattern of paper was exactly similar to that used in latest CBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper.

Toughest part of paper: All questions were easy nothing was difficult.

Most time taking part of paper: Long answer type questions took much time.

Expected marks: Students are expecting averagely 65 marks out of 80.

To check more reactions of class 12 students, watch the video available in the starting of this articles.